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printed microfiber towel

    Printing microfiber towels are the upgrade version of the ordinary microfiber towels. Sort from the towels material, there are 80/20 printing towels, 100% polyester printing towels,85/15 printing towels. From the the different knitting styles, it can be sorted to be warp printing towels, weft printing towels, suede printing towels and so on. There the printing theroies are also different, such as  digital printing microfiber towels, hot-transfer printing microfiber towels, sublimation printing microfiber towels,pigment printing microfiber towels, hot-embossing printing towels and so on. The printing microfiber towels are widly used as sports towels, gifts towels, beach towels. There the different towels size, edge and printing artwork can be designed and decided by customers' requirements.

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